The Abandoned Part

by Dyed In Grey

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    The long awaited debut album by the progressive metal outfit DYED IN GREY has finally arrived. 9 Tracks that are sure to lead the listener through a labyrinth of insight, catharsis, and wonder. THE ABANDONED PART is a mellifluous exploration into the human experience guided by intricate harmonies and devastating heaviness. Unpredictable yet strikingly evocative, DYED IN GREY is privileged to share with you their most sincere offering... and their is only more to come. Please Enjoy!

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released May 16, 2013

Produced by Peter Luetzeler & Adam Edgemont
All Songs written by DYED IN GREY
All Music written by Peter Luetzeler & Adam Edgemont
All Lyrics written by Mark Wellington
All music recorded & engineered by Adam Edgemont at his home studio
All vocals recorded by Michael A. Judeh at Dubway Studios, NYC
All songs mixed & mastered by Mark Wellington at his home studio
All drums written by Travis Orbin / recorded by Taylor Larson & Will Donnelly at Oceanic Recording, Bethesda, MD
All bass written & performed by Adam Edgemont
Artwork & layout by Pablo Bicheroux



all rights reserved


Dyed In Grey Brooklyn, New York

Dyed In Grey is a progressive metal fusion band hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

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Track Name: An Excerpt of Nothing
these eyes looking to criticise
become subservient in their gaze
i've simply forgotten this darkened coma lasts for days
risen up from the earth, for it's the body that will decay in vain

hidden in disguise
waiting for you i've
fallen into love with time

stand nothing
return us beneath the sun
stand for our wills
we have to fight for this final surrender

find serenity in this unexpecting life
tragic ways, always corrupting fate
find serenity in this unexpecting life
finally a meaning a reason to live

reach further for a dissonant chord of change
pull the strings that connect our soul
how can a dark heart truly become
infused with hope, awakened love unbound
a ceaseless journey moved by fear
i'm moved by fear to find serenity

my spirit is what remains unbroken
what follows the most of you is death
such a forgotten fate is the mark of your ignorance
i've slaved, i've burdened beyond

fate forced we are one
rise up before we fall
don't we all deserve to live
giving it up so far
too long they intervene
deepening the scars
for all to see
Track Name: Blackened Me
determined, the empire falling to ground
strengthening, the hatred is flowing within
strength to fight, fate is unclear
tempted no more
the eyes staring past me in this maze
the fortunes in my hands

Search for signs of the truth
Just to find that you can no longer win
When its revealed
blinded you covet the endless sorrow

Questioning why I'm blackened
as if my soul dies with mortal flesh
this redemption will carry me on
towards the end
gasping for air I'm freed

Find the ember, it is leading away
hopeless had we not
a torturous soul
finding the key to unlock the secrets in me


i'm freed of this mortal coil
slowing the pain
praying to stop all the suffering
setting ablaze everything in my way

set them ablaze burn them all down
let them enjoy the suffering
the suffering discovery of our souls
enduring fate as we tread the earth
enduring fate, discovery
discovering the truth
Track Name: Filth
don't we burn on the inside waiting only to ignite
the flame has left us suffering
burnt and cracking hearts
hope is just salt in the wound spreading agony deeper
black smoke surrounds this city
we have to redesign

what is this life for, who decides
the regression of our souls is returning us to ash
can we realize, dead inside
our obsession with ourselves has secured our tragic end

sickness of sympathetic slaves
turn your back again
embers blinding eyes
this is what we've become inside
we are destroying all we know
how could we let it change our souls

step aside
stray from the path that you redesign
never forget you will survive

free at last
i am freed of fire
dying world
and you don't deserve it
free at last
Track Name: Sphere of Light
disdain is lurking within my thoughts in violent waves
the rotting flesh of the world, singeing the senses
and releasing the plague
this battle swells
violence and demons surround me
all i ask for is a reason to prevail
create the end
deconstructing our humanity
debt is our suffering
we all are slaves

seek the truth
something new
reveal to me the sphere of light within us all
so much change
how can i face
the burning light within my eyes
must live on

this blood has spilled
greed is growing deeper
our animosity will lead us to certain demise
lost sanity
neglecting our benevolence
set us free
we are forsaken by the fray
the fray we began
we are slaves
debt is our suffering


i promise you the end is far away
don't wait another day
let the light pass through
our memories slowly fade
away from what was once our dreams

this is so much for me to bear
i don't understand how we've come so far
i feel the awareness breaking light
this is all that i can bear
i don't need you words to believe my faith
i see your oppression breaking minds

I've haven't lost my faith in love
the one thing alone we need to redeem this world
as time passes by i feel there's so much we must learn

mourn these withered lights of the soul as they perish
in my wake i will devour the remnants of evil
tortured brainwashed eyes lack the sight of new hope
by my hand i pledge to decimate the demons that prey
Track Name: Fields of Govan
burden a careless mind
proposed to suffer
has crucified itself by will
with no excuses, no love for self
decaying vessel of a dying soul

we are worth our weight in hope
you are not lead by god's command
how can i be the only one
who is aware of this life force
we must continue to reach for
the meaning inside of us

Be my creation, Be my curse
to help me understand
how i see this earth
my soul intuition guides me
through another day
no path to easy nor end in sight
yet i still believe i will win this fight
as fast as a lifetime fades
the universe remains

as witness to this world
i share no plot to destroy
what little we have left
bring to attention our strength in numbers
the only way to change our world is to love

reawakening the truth as divine
the soul is true life,
our mind is only the builder,
the world is our device
if fear is denied
then we may become the controller
bring awareness to these eyes

we must continue to reach for
the meaning inside of us
Track Name: DeadHead
for my mistakes i must be bled
exorcise the poison stem
reveal the truth within
infectious dream seething with the pain of existence

purge, the words of your saviour
the spawn of our cathartic vexation
disjointed stories of mythic lies

this is why i have never prayed to your fucking god
a demon in it's own rite
bloodshed in compromise
dead is the saviour within my head

if you could only see under my mortal skin peeled back
it covers my true inside
never shall i kneel, nor will i fall in line

save the villainy and the dominant strain
fuck the world let it rot from within
in the end we'll pay for them all
the ash of your bodies will fall
watch as the trusted fathers rape the soul
even the blind man can see through this obvious design

we will find hope in this even if it hurts

and now rise above this pain
now see the lies they serve us
why must we believe deceit
this messiah delivered our fate
with a mortal hand
the words of your saviour are now exposed
who's to hear your beckoning
no one to fear
the elite have been caught in their crime
Track Name: Skyload
as i awoke, i could see
the dead, cold in my arms
rejecting this faith
i am lowered down
remain in dirt

the angels wings must bare the sky
making this betrayal the freedom
with blood in my hands
i will fall from grace

this is not where my destiny lies
among all of these saints
i have been chosen
to deceive this world

every breathe that i take
breathing the sins of you all
my hand will slaughter the weak
slaughter them all


my disguise is all your dreams
take my hand and welcome sin
bow down before me
and beg for your life
what makes you think you are
strong enough to resist me

my hand will slaughter the weak
slaughter them all
my cloven hoof burns my stamp into the earth

as i awoke i could see the dead
cold in my arms
rejecting this faith i am lowered down
remain in dirt
i can no longer bear the sky
with blood in my hands i will fall from grace

no one can save you now
your worthless soul is mine
your soul is black as mine
your soul is mine

shine of a dying light
it's taken away
gone from sight
born in the dead of night
your makers true design was I
Track Name: The Abandoned Part
how long shall i bleed
a dagger in my side
succumb to pain, death would be divine
darker grows the night
before this field of slaughter
fire glows, burning bodies flame

this is the penance
for us to repay
all will falter before

curse the sun
the wretched blaze above
with the stench of pain
in rebirth
this evil has begun
with no chance of salvation

wear your face
as if mine
continue tearing all the flesh
of the corpses behind
desecration of the masses

violent pace at every waking hour
scarred by visions of this treachery
eyes to the sky
limitless punishment from above our heads
i'd rather die than give my soul

to burn till your breath expires
find out all that you seek
light will shine in time
to spark it by cleansing
all this filth before our eyes
still we need hope
in spite of our efforts

say hello to the end this is our time
so stand and we shall fight forever
stand and fight
my ghost is reborn

should we be so powerful
could we destroy ourselves
speak to me inside
behind these eyes
i still want to beat this darkness
i still long to be revived

cut out my tongue
burn through my eyes
till darkness has become my hell
the signs of such slavery
can not be ignored
innocence has been buried
six feet far below
six feet far below this fucking wretched world

there is nothing more to remember
wasted memories
lead me on the great ascendence
into northern skies
have you no respect for my belief

delusional hallucinations
of a better time
stabbing at the wasted carcass
of a child left to die
listening cleverly to the intricate lies
having born a mind that can see easily through the darkness of your eyes