The Forgotten Sequence

by Dyed In Grey

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released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Dyed In Grey Brooklyn, New York

Dyed In Grey is a progressive metal fusion band hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

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Track Name: Holotrophic
unbelievable change
on a planet of massive pain
we stare at the heavens
with such a pitiful sight
and now we must
evolve, feed our minds
how dare you take what it gave
then lie and betray
the consequences
cannot be undone
how long will we last

breed your fantasy with perception
without a skin to touch
awaken the misery of our visual gaze

crawling along as it creeps
closer to the nerve
following a failed creation
as it leads us all into the dirt

shout the lies of a bastard
through the mouth of a stubborn ghost
we don't believe what you feed us
never consume what they're forcing to eat

relive, my soul defined, let me embrace it
this distance gives way to find the meaning behind our eyes

held back beyond our failures
as the pain seems to increase
our journey delivers us forward
unleashing all we have dreamed and feared

as i grow older
i notice how i truly crave the air
a deep breath to remind me why

this time i beg to receive
i feel my hunger stop
eternal satiation
Track Name: The New Obsolete
we're stuck on the surface
try letting go, your not alone
this genesis has brought more than hate
insolence, villainy, treachery, disgust and shame

so damaged, i choose to heal this life
you can't deny it's killing us from the inside out
demons coursing
cold it grips at the soul of the living
they're dragging you down

we are the last of a dying breed
we're facing the new obsolete by our own hands
never satisfied and none who care
this nature of ego driven self must change
they still have time left to realize
before all is gone

a fool to think we cannot see
your wealth and power
your sanctimonious life will burn
fear me
i would rip out your heart still beating
lay twisted entrails in line
so they could follow my path of blood

before all is gone
we must give this life meaning
before all is gone
we must try to give reason to this life

i beg to take your notice
i care to exchange thoughts
a clear reflection we must make
within each others hearts
Track Name: Veil Of Oblivion
thoughts torn away
the mass conspiracy of a void
disrupting our deliverance
a new mechanical soul
the years burn out
distant stars becoming more to us
let your mind discover the sky

swallow the lies
can't you see that you're all in denial
the truth is left behind the veil of oblivion
dark skies with falling hell
how could we poison our own
have we come to the point of no reason
the truth is left behind the

veil of oblivion
give it all to retake the sun
i know it hurts
i know the suffering
but the reward is worth all this pain
free reign
not sovereignty
they can't just take it away
our fears growing
don't let your doubt cloud your loyalty
it's all a game
plotted to enslave all the weakest

it's time for the answers
it's time for the guilt to set in
we must stop learning the old ways and start thinking for today
Track Name: The Absonite Path
let this current take control
drag me under
what great river do i flow
beyond the infinite
don't try to save him
he will not drown
saved by submission
to his guilt ridden memories
courage through pain
gaining strength in blood
treacherous sleep
if he awakes then he has won

approaching death for days
suddenly rousing to a virile strength
but the odds of surviving
far surpass this man
the nightmare relinquished
the very sickness that was punishing me
was now a relic of sedation
nothing else matters
never more alone

rise through the pain
give myself a reason
to defy
all your evil lies
should you be afraid
perhaps you'll even die
whisper sweet the melody
this song of death brings serenity now
a frozen breath inside of me has slowed down
to feel the casket creep into the ground
the gift of life leaves without a sound
dissolving into the earth
soak into the roots
re-emerge, self redeemer
as you breathe in to refill your lungs
limbs free the land
break the soil loose with your hands
i walk the earth again
once remade you will attain
the greatest vision your eyes have ever seen
of the river where our souls collide

distance seems greater
a long dark fall
plunged into this life
to repeat what we must begin
how could i have ever
doubted the mystery
how can there be more
left of this, the one true gift
enough for all of us

a clever hand weaves the clue in the breeze
dissipating only to reform again
condensation growing dense, dripping our elixir
trust and drink with me
our fears are all just the same
there is no death that could ever stop you now

light blinds my eyes
a sudden voice so loud it deafens my ears
a wisdom never before heard
this life can reach further
i know it now, i knew it then
but it wasn't my time to share in clarity
with still so much to be learned and found within
Track Name: Gates Of Catharsis
constant doubt is to blame
the slowest death is the need for understanding
staring off into hopelessness
i carry on and the days they return
infinite spiraling misery
forever it seems
lasts the battle of mind
over come by disease
of this material pride
the very essence of my bitter fight

what has it meant to me
all the suffering
and pain we face in life
it serves to guide my hand
and be a better man
to help us all to see
the answers lie within

there is a reason you can see all the signs
the force has led you to this moment
and it is urging you to amend this design
my faith is not religion
not of race or blood or creed
this isn't a dissension
of your heart or loyalty
i must trust in you as you trust in me

listen to your bones
they speak of origin
the one true home
a universal consciousness
with this connection
we can transcend the skin
reverse what has made us give in

just look me in the eye, see this honesty
i refuse to let a day go by
without a new perception of this world
another insight to nurture my mind

the gates of catharsis are all that i have
having to expand the sense of time and force
never to have defined any of it's levels
such a caustic test of my affliction

torment fading away
and how is it that only time can serve the remedy
sadness haunting it stays
and trying to reject the pain
will only burn the remains
but not wash away

all the struggles in our lives
are meant to return you to stronger ground
i know how you feel
we walk together on this battlefield
you are not alone, i promise you will love
and love will be returned
but it will only last if you set free your
fear of losing all who trust you
fear of facing paths unknown
the agony of what may come to be
the terrifying truth that no one really knows
we bear the same reflection
all equal in our senses
the element of one
race of the sun

this message is as precious as the sight of your soul
they'll try to subjugate, and bring a world decay
a scorched earth to build their throne
you know these bastards are going to burn in hell